Needs to be thorough

This is your first real step into the world of motorcycle driving. You need to learn the basics of driving. This will also help you to get comfortable on the road. A lot of websites, schools and driving centers will make your lessons complete. But you need to make sure that the school that you tie up with has enough hours of experienced instructors so that your fear of driving will be reduced.

3 points on the valid log book

You are now ready to take the practical test. But for all practical driving tests, you need to pass with at least 3 points on your valid log book. This can be done by filling in the necessary fields at the back end of the exam.

Test centers

Go for the test center that is recommended by the instructors. Most offices are having a written test and simulation tests. You need to go for the latest test technology, this is the digital screen recorder. This helps you to complete the whole examination in a very short span of time.

Memorization is not allowed

You should not rely on memory power during the test. The examination has a destructively worded pattern. Buzz words and technical terms etc should be avoided. The most important thing is that you have to understand the question in order to answer it surely.

Give corners before changing gear

shifting is an important technique that is used by professional drivers on the road. Do not change the gear while driving on a highway, city or any other regular highway. If you are changing gear, make sure that the corner at which you are changing is visible to you.

Emergency stops – I08, I09, I10

Definitely, the most important things to learn in case of an emergency is to stop at the proper place and distance, in the right way and at the right time. You should always keep a first aid kit in your car. First aid can include applying a cooling dioxide or Arctic air conditioner to the affected part. The vehicle you are driving on should have the high beam headlight and the fog lamps on.

Using turn signals are not enough

You need to use your turns and signals properly. 08 and 09 need to be used on regular roads and also in the busy highways. However, if the vehicle you are driving is a motorcycle make sure you will flash your lights at a minimum strength. Also, it is advisable to use your turn signals at all times as a means of safety.

Remember: "It takes two to tango"

This means that if you are driving alone, you need to demonstrate – especially in the beginning – driving skills such as starting and stopping at regular intervals. The practice of driving is the best way to develop the confidence and you can feel that you can drive on the road alone at any time.

This confidence is very important and chances are that it will be a great help to you on your test.

This article is written for the beginner's and will help them to learn the techniques required to become a good driver. The techniques that will be taught to them are common sense driving techniques and most of these have been tested and proven to work across the globe.

To test the theory driving skills in a well-structured classroom environment, the students have to pass a group driving test. After they have passed the test, it is time for them to implement it in real-life driving situations. The students have to drive in an environment that is conducive to driving and with people.

Some of the common things that these students will learn are that the vehicle Licence is valid for a period of 7 days and one should check the documents that are provided by the Driving Licence office. If one is driving alone, they will also be taught fuel conservation techniques.

Failing the theory test

The Students cannot proceed to do their Supervisory Test or the Practical Test until they have passed the theory test. Even if one passed their test by doing the practical test, still they have to re-take the theory test before they can proceed to do the practical test.

During the practical driving test, one has to drive on roads with regular traffic. The test is made up of two sections. The first section makes 100 km per hour limit and the second section contains the actual driving tests.

Things to remember during the test

o Do not talk to the learner in front or behind the vehicle.

o During the driving test always look out for other road users i.e. pedestrian, animal or any road construction etc.

o Regardless of the weather, leaves, snow, fog or any other weather condition, use your wipers to check for any debris on the road.

o ify stormy weather conditions drive slowly with caution.onesicle Indicated 'off' flagging, turn circle and prepare for any and all falling objects, potholes or anything risky on the road.